After 2 years of cruising part time on our 35' sailboat (and documenting all of it on YouTube), we made the leap and went ALL IN.  WE SOLD EVERYTHING WE OWNED that we couldn't use aboard, moved onto a 46' sailboat and struck out to CRUISE THE WORLD FULL TIME!  We are Loren, Eric, 5-year-old Rivers Danger, and trusty boat dog Zeke, and we are the globe-trotting crew of SV Cecilia.  Our channel takes our viewers along, episode by weekly episode, as we search for our perfect boat, go through the tedious buying process, make countless upgrades and additions to fit her out for world cruising WHILE living aboard, then journey through the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and beyond. It's our mission to fully embrace the cruising lifestyle in the pursuit of fun, culture, sea, and bold life experiences...all while working aboard and trying to keep things afloat...AND bring our viewers along for the experience with vivid, honest, beautiful, and educational videos of the highest caliber possible. Thanks for visiting!



Episode #171

Schedules are never great for cruising, but not always for the reasons you might think.  Find out what part sailing on a timeline plays in our "Rule #1" and why sometimes we have to break it.

Episode #169

We've been "off the grid" for over 2 years relatively speaking.  Add in Covid, and we haven't experienced crowds and socializing the likes of which we're seeing in San Juan in a LONG time.  How do we adjust back to the old ways?  Or do we?