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Cecilia is a 2006 Hunter 46LE.  The mid-2000's and up Hunter cruising boats are renowned for their use of interior space, making them a fantastic boat to live aboard with a family.  Additionally, they made a huge push to elevate the interior build quality, durability and safety of their boats starting in the late 90's. The result is a quality of materials and finishes below that might surprise some. Cecilia is a 3 cabin, 2 head owner's version, which includes a huge galley with 3-burner stove/oven, microwave, double sink, front loading fridge and front loading freezer.  The master cabin forward has a semi-island queen bed (meaning you can enter it from the sides but towards the top, it's securely touching the sides) an ensuite head and separate enclosed full standing height shower (Eric is 6' 2")

On the safety front, esteemed ocean racer Steve Pettingill became their quality control manager in this same era.  Every model 40' and up was rigorously tested to ensure safety at sea in all conditions, including running the hull aground ON ROCKS repeatedly at 5+ knots.  This particular model has a Kevlar reinforced hull from the keel forward as extra insurance in the event of a collision. She has a stainless steel rudder post and an encapsulated lead shoal draft keel.  All Hunters from the 2000's onward utilize the "traveller arch", which is an extremely stout structure of stainless steel spanning the width of the cockpit overhead and supporting the traveler, putting the force of the mainsheet at the END of the boom where it's needed.  This not only makes for an easy to handle mainsail, but minimizes loads on the hardware, especially in the event of accidental jibes.  It's also generally used as a mounting point for bimini and dodger structures (many major sailboat manufacturers now implement their own version of the traveler arch). Hunter has always built innovative boats, and from hull to hardware, she's an extremely rugged boat as well.

We've made quite a few additions, upgrades and fixes, all of which you can check out in our Preparing For World Travel playlist.  These items include:  all new running rigging, flat screen TV, new fridge, new main AC unit, new semi-custom stern arch, 1000 watts of solar, new Carbon Mat AGM batteries, new shower sumps, newly reconditioned watermaker, and much more.

She's also a very fast boat for a cruiser.  Her backstayless full (not fractional) rig gives her great sail area (as well as her 63' mast height) and her unique hardware and line layout makes her incredibly easy to sail for 2 people or even just one.  We couldn't be happier with her...she's already taken great care of us in some pretty rough stuff and we know she'll continue to do so for years.  You can check out our entire buying process in our NEW BOAT SEARCH playlist!

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 2.34.20 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 2.29.52 PM.jpg
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Interior Pics Coming Soon!

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