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We are a sailing family of 3 - Eric, Loren, Rivers, age 6, and faithful security guard (dog) Zeke.  In 2019, we made the leap, sold everything on land we owned, and sailed off to the Caribbean aboard our 46' monohull, Cecilia.  Now, after pressing on through the uncertain waters of the pandemic, we've sailed the Bahamas, done 2 circuits of the Windward and Leeward Islands, circumnavigated Puerto Rico, ridden out hurricanes and Covid, all while living aboard, working aboard, and generally trying to stay afloat!  Now, we've sold Cecilia and purchased a 1992 Privilege 482 catamaran, "Ophelia". She's rough around the edges, but all she needs is our love.  So we've begun a brand new Caribbean journey while bringing her back to the beauty she once was, with an eye on an Atlantic crossing.  Join us for the ride! 



Real Life AMPLIFIED | SailAway 214
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Episode #214

The UPS and DOWNS of cruising life are extreme.  What might seem a small issue on land can seem insurmountable out here.  But the ups deliver incredible and irreplaceable experiences.

Episode #213

In a world culture where it seems that only the newest and shiniest is good enough, the sailing life teaches you to appreciate the salvageable.  Sometimes the reward of reclaiming something thought lost is the best reward of all.