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We are the family crew of SV Ophelia, a 1992 Privilege 482 sailing catamaran.  We are Eric, Loren, Rivers (age 8), and head of canine security, Zeke, and "Escape normal" is our mantra.  We sold everything and broke away in search of broader life experiences for ourselves and our son.  After 5 years and thousands of miles sailing the numerous Caribbean islands, the Bahamas, and the US (3 years of that aboard our 46' monohull, Cecilia and 2500 miles aboard Ophelia with one functioning diesel), we now have our sites set on an Atlantic crossing.  But after all the challenges and adventures of the past 5 years (there have been a LOT), we're undertaking our biggest one yet - ditching both of these smelly, greasy, loud old diesels and converting our 30-year-old cat to ELECTRIC PROPULSION. This will be a completely DIY undertaking, which is the only way we operate and the only way we can possibly afford it.  But when we're done, we'll have 24 kilowatts of electric motor power backed by 600 amp hours of LifePo4 batteries and 2400 watts of solar.  We aim to show that electric power is within reach (and cheaper than diesels) for mere mortals and very feasable for large passagemaking long you understand the philosophy of how to use them.  Not to mention better than diesels in many other ways including a little extra kindness to our planet.  But...we could be wrong!  And we know there are definite trade-offs.  Click the YouTube icon above to subscribe and stick with us every Sunday to find out where this journey takes us.  To learn more about all the elements of the new system head over to the "Sailing ELECTRIC" page.  Thanks for visiting!