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Loren is the first mate that knows how to be captain. She's been sailing since the ripe old age of 5, when her dad would make her run foredeck drills of sweeping the spinnaker pole. She learned sailing on the raging seas of central Ohio, plus many trips to Lake Erie.  She first began crewing with Eric when she told him she only would if he bought a "spinnaker" boat, and he did.  The rest is pretty much history.  Loren holds degrees in both theater and cosmetology.  Equally at home in boho or bikini, chilling on a beach or hauling up sails, Eric will attest that she's basically the perfect sailor girl. Widely known fact - Loren can make any statement a dirty joke.

When you try to take a nice selfie with

Ever the adventurer, Eric has been sailing for 25+ years, also getting his start on the same mischievous lake as Loren, in addition to many years of racing on Lake Erie. He's "been" many things, including a sign-maker, a set designer, a full time singer/guitarist and currently an audiobook narrator and author. But beneath all that, he's been a sailor yearning for distant shores. He met a kindred spirit in Loren, and the whirlwind journey began.  With Eric, rum will get you everywhere.  Not great at sitting still for long, Eric is ideally suited to the demands of operating and maintaining a cruising vessel.  Widely known fact - Eric laughs at every dirty joke Loren makes.

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Lazy dog days #follybeach #charlestonsai


Boat dog extraordinaire, frisbee-catching fool, sucker for a beach day, cuddler even in 95-degree heat, and just a general great guy to have around, Zeke is a 10 year old Catahoula Leopard Dog mix.  Head of security.  He's been sailing since the day we brought him home from the shelter.  Widely known fact - can concurrently tangle every line on the boat in his feet.

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The obvious star of the show and MVP crew member, Rivers Danger Dove was born to sail...almost literally.  At six months old he joined us on our 600 mile maiden voyage aboard Layla - now with over 12,000 miles under his belt, he has sea legs like no other 8-year-old!  Widely know fact - will break into dance at inopportune moments, usually utilizing a butt move with devastating effect.

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