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Reflections on Moving Aboard

No matter how much you think you are prepared for it you’re not, or I should say we were not.

As we were packing up the house and selling everything that wasn’t nailed down it became obvious that we had underestimated how much stuff would be left. We even had grand plans of cutting our 3 year old foam mattress to fit the v-berth (because really who wants to sleep on someone else’s mattress for the rest of your life, seriously don’t think too hard about what went on there.)

The plan was for me and my parents to pack up the moving trailer while Eric worked until the last second, because (good and bad) he’s fully booked. But that got very overwhelming very quickly, and (good, and bad) Eric ended up getting sick and unable to work but not so sick that he couldn't help pack.

Even with the extra help it still took all day, literally 24 hours. When we were only planning for the packing of the trailer to take at max 8. With the boat being in Fort Lauderdale and our rental house in Stuart we had a 2 hour drive starting at 11pm in a moving truck.

Well this wasn't how we had planned the first night to go on the boat basically by parking and passing out.

The next day wasn’t much better with the unpacking and donating half of the things we’d planned on be able to fit into the boat. Luckily we found a church that would donate anything we left to Haiti, that “church” might have also be a cult but its the thought that counts right?

And we very quickly realized we would not have the time or energy to deal with our mattress, so that went too. We compromised with getting a mattress topper so we weren’t sleeping directly on someone else’s, um, stuff.

We only planned on staying in the Marina in Fort Lauderdale for 2 days, because the price per foot for the transient spot was insane. Something like $200 a day, and while it was very nice being in the middle of the City that was not something we could swing.

So ready or not we headed out on day 3

On the Fort Lauderdale River Walk where the boat was located.


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